Curlo - Passo della Gava

Road Access

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards the Colletta pass. Shortly before, turn right to Loc. Terralba, then take via Pecorara to Curlo (291 m) where you can park the car.

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards Colletta, then turn right towards Loc. Terralba, and at the Farmacy take via Pecorara up to Località Curlo (291 m), where you can park the car.


Curlo is a picnic area famous among Italians for birdwatching, because it’s a primary location for birds of prey observation, and where the annual Biancone (Circaetus gallicus) Day event takes place.
Leave the car and proceed on an asphalted road closed by a wooden bar and next to a large water tank. After a short uphill stretch, this becomes a dirt road and after about 900 meters, you cross a metal bar near the “Case Vaccà” Ornithological Center.
After the barr, leave the deviation to the left for the Ornithological Center and continue straight, for a few meters and then deviate to the right, on a path marked with 2 red points and “Passo Gava” sign.
Follow it briefly and leave the right deviation at a crossroads (which will be used for the return loop) and take the left instead. (You can also continue along the road). You reach Pràu Lisëu. (593 m).

Along the wide and comfortable dirt road, you meet the Beppillu shelter, used in ancient times by local hay mowers and towards the valley the Mulinello, a stone building, where you can admire the remains of a winch. Here the road becomes flatter and bend after bend, bypassing the Bric Gavetta, the landscape becomes more and more mountainous. You then arrive on a long straight road where the Ca da Gava (735 m) appears, after which you reach the panoramic Passo della Gava, a really crossroads of paths.

Curlo - Passo della Gava

Starting point:
Arenzano - Curlo picnic area 291 m
Passo della Gava 752 m
2 h
3 km
Elevation gain:
450 m d+
Way markers (two red points)
E - Escursionistico