Gran Trail Rensen

Trail running on the tracks of the Beigua Park

Every year in May

For many people, running represents a competition with an opponent or with oneself, a form of meditation, a lifestyle. But it’s also a way of meeting other people, seeing new places or returning to a place that feels like home.

The “Gran Trail Rensen” in Arenzano is also this: where the sea and mountains come together, running in a unique suggestive landscape, in hard-to-reach places, it is not just a competition, but something more deeply human. In fact, since 2007 more and more trail runners have been facing each other on the tracks of the Unesco Geopark Beigua: an appointment not to be missed.

The tracks

There are three tracks, among easier running parts and others that are more technical and treacherous: the 12 km short version, the 23 km intermediate and the 47 km most difficult race. For the 2020 edition, however, postponed to 2021, the bar has risen with the 23 km short version, the medium track of 47 km and the challenging "masterpiece" of 70 km.

The trail

It’s certainly true that trail running is an extreme sport: long and medium distance run on natural terrain, usually with considerable altitude differences and semi autonomously. It therefore requires special training and excellent physical conditions.


If you think you can do it, want to participate and learn more, visit the website