A centuries-old popular ceremony

Every year in December

Every year in Arenzano the fire wraps a large laurel branch adorned with white and red ribbons, the town colors, as a good omen but also as a sign of tenacity and hope despite everything: this event is the Confuoco, a centuries-old popular ceremony, typically Ligurian, celebrating the beginning of Christmas time, with the presence of the most important city personalities and to the applause of all the participants.
The ceremony, organized by the “Centro Storico Tore d’i Saraceni”, sponsored by Municipality and with the participation of the "A. Parodi City of Arenzano” marching band, is opened by the consul general: in the guise of the Abbot of people, spokesperson for historical tradition, of the town and of all citizens, he leads the parade from the “tore”, the headquarter of the association, to the Council Chamber of the Municipality. The Mayor waits for them for the usual exchange of greetings and gifts. There are always the traditional "mugugni" of the “Tore”, the report of the problems of the town, followed by the commitments of the mayor to make up them. After lighting the propitiatory laurel bundle, cheered by refreshments, it's time to toast with the wish of a happy Christmas and for a better New Year.


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