Historical centre

Traditional caruggi and square of Arenzano

The historic centre, wholly pedestrian, is marked out by the traditional caruggi (ligurian alley), climbing from the sea promenade, through the central Via Bocca to the Parish Church. This is  the social and commercial hub of the town, among shops, restaurants and small ancient places.

The most traditional corners are: Piazza Chiossone, well known as Nastré, once the seat of wash house, Piazza Colombo with its well and the close Piazza XXXIV Aprile, where You can find the Civic Library.

Look up and see the historic Ligurian peculiarities and buildings: ancient sundials, terracotta masks, noble coats of arms and newsstands, which testify to a picturesque and flourishing city history.

The seawalk, between Lungomare Kennedy and Lungomare Olanda, it's a perfect promenade for a shade break in the summer.

Arenzano and fashion. The boutiques of Via Ghiglini and Via Capitan Romeo have always made Arenzano one of the trendiest resorts on the Ligurian Riviera, where tourists have always preferred to buy.

In constant transformation. Since Via Bocca was transformed from a railway into a pedestrian area with trees, benches and open spaces, the historic city center has gained a new public space, with clubs, focaccerie, pastry shops, fashion shops and services. It is not uncommon to meet people chatting, walking or enjoying a nice piece of focaccia. The two level crossings are still recognizable today, one in front between the fish market and the Madonnina della Guardia and one near Palazzo Lercari.