Beigua UNESCO Global Geopark

The mountain meet the sea

A spectacular natural balcony made of mountains overlooking the sea: twenty-six kilometers of mountain ridges forming one of the richest geodiversity and biodiversity areas Liguria within a stone's throw from the coast.
The area of the Beigua Regional Natural Park is the largest natural conservation area in Liguria. Thanks to the exceptional geological heritage, has become part of international networks since 2005 as European and World Geopark and in 2015 it was recognized as a UNESCO site and included in the prestigious list of UNESCO Global Geopark.
The Beigua Geopark, covering 39,230 hectares, includes the entire area classified as the "Beigua Regional Natural Park". The Geopark consists of 10 municipal territories covering two different provinces (Genoa and Savona): Arenzano, Campo Ligure, Cogoleto, Genoa, Masone, Rossiglione, Sassello, Stella, Tiglieto and Varazze.

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Beigua Park Authority (seat)
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