A sea of experience

Experience the sea of ​​Arenzano

Dinghy rides off the coast, dives in the rich seabed, excursions to spot dolphins and whales in the Cetacean Sanctuary. The sea experiences offered from  Arenzano will make your holiday unforgettable!

Comfortable, easy and fun, going out on a rubber dinghy is definitely worth trying out with friends or family. However this experience in Arenzano offers much more. Starting from Capo San Martino, along the Pineta promontory up to Cogoleto and then, along the tract of the promenade from Cogoleto to Varazze, you can enjoy one of the most evocative stretches of coast in all of Liguria, in a succession of cliffs and small coves accessible only by the sea. The rockiest coast lapped by the pinewood and thick vegetation reflects on the water, giving it truly unique shades.The boat rental is located in the Port of Arenzano.

The Ligurian Sea is one of the richest areas of life in the Mediterranean. We are in the heart of the Cetacean Sanctuary, a protected marine area that touches the French coast, Sardinia and Tuscany.

Thanks to whale watching boat trips, organized from spring to autumn, it is possible to experience, with the help of a marine biologist,  the emotion of spotting various species of aquatic mammal. The closest starting point from Arenzano are: Genoa, Varazze and Savona.

Those fond of diving and underwater world won’t miss that, in front of ​Arenzano it is possible to see the wreck of the Haven oil tanker, called the “Queen of the Mediterranean”, one of the largest currently submerged. Marine protected area, inside you can meet a true paradise of fish and underwater vegetation. It is an area of ​​great interest, able to attract divers from all over the world. This, more than an experience, can be considered a great adventure.

The dives are suitable for both recreative and professional  divers.

For any information, contact: www.techdive.it and www.havendiving.com