Wedding in Arenzano

A fabulous wedding

Have you ever dreamed the perfect wedding on a beach, close to the rocks, or on a terrace with a breath taking view? Or better up the hills, among olive trees? In Arenzano you can do that: currently we have seven locations, among hotels and restaurants offering all requirements to celebrate your marriage or a civil union and to make them unforgettable. The Municipality has also an inner location inside the town hall: Villa Negrotto council chamber. In fact its marvellous park, one of the most beautiful historic gardens in Liguria, overlooking the sea, with the elegant liberty style greenhouse, it’s the ideal place to host photo shoots.

Modalities and agenda

To know available dates to celebrate marriage or civil union and to access to all information about starting the process, about tariffs and asked documents, it is possible to click on the name to be directed on the dedicate page. (here)

Villa Negrotto Cambiaso

Located in the most prestigious historical park of Arenzano with the liberty-style glasshouse, the peacocks with their iridescent plumage and the majestic ancient trees.

Information on the monumental glasshouse rental:
Culture and Tourism Office
Tel. 010.9138201

Grand Hotel

Location located on the seafront, in a Art Nouveau building, in the historical center of Arenzano.

Address: Lungomare Stati Uniti, 2
Tel. 010.91091
Facebook: @GrandHotelArenzano
Instagram: @grandhotelarenzano

Hotel Punta San Martino

Resort overlooking the sea on the promontory of Punta San Martino.

Address: Via Punta San Martino 4
Tel. 010.91081
Facebook: @hotelpsm
Instagram: @puntasanmartino

La Kascia

The location, with a terrace overlooking the sea, develops inside the ancient tunnel of the Arenzano railway line. 

Address: Via Aurelia di Levante
Tel. 010.9125066
Facebook: @LaKasciaRestaurant
Instagram: @lakasciaarenzano

Azzurro Due

Located in a small panoramic bay on the eastern of Arenzano.

Address: Via Aurelia di Levante 8 A
Mobile:  347.1095046
Facebook: @azzurroduemareristorante
Instagram: @azzurrodue_mareristorante

Agueta Du Sciria

Located in the hinterland of Arenzano, on the border of the Beigua Unesco Geopark Park.

Address: Via Pecorara 18/a
Tel. 010.9110762 393.9269044
Facebook: @AguetaDuSciria

Bagni Pizzo

Located on the seashore of a beach club at the extreme east side of Lungomare Olanda in Arenzano.

Address: Via Lungomare Olanda 16
Mobile: 333.4266535
Facebook: @bytheseabagnipizzoarenzano
Instagram: @by_the_sea_bagnipizzo_arenzano

Marina piccola

Comig soon

Located near the tourist port of Arenzano, on the Lungomare De André.

Address: Lungomare Fabrizio De Andrè – Marina Piccola
E-mail: 01091091