Arenzano: “Here we will be fine”

“Hic manebimus optime”, "Here we will be fine" are the words on the emblem of the country, but also a promise kept. Everyone would like to live in a seaside town a few steps from the city, with three large public gardens, a large pedestrian area, clubs, cinemas and theaters and a library that is always open.

Such a small country and such a great artistic heritage. The Santuario del Bambin Gesù di Praga and the other churches in Arenzano require a visit for architectural and landscape reasons.

Whether you choose Arenzano to live there for a long time or for a weekend, you will have the pleasure of walking in the alleys between the shop windows and shops, having dinner in a restaurant on the sea, or seeing the art of the beautiful liberty villas and picturesque corners up close of the historical centre.