Cycle Lane

Bike and pedestrian track

The Bike and pedestrian track develops along a dismissed railway path, running along  “Pineta” area, it’s a pleasant itinerary  leaning on the cliffs over the sea, Mediterranean scrub and shadowy and fresh train tunnels. Accesible on foot and by bike, the promenade is supplied with benches and drinking fountains. The stretch starting from Arenzano is devoted to the Ligurian song writer Fabrizio De Andrè, who held, on 8th August 1998 his last concert  in Arenzano. The wall paintings  in Marina Grande area are inspired by his songs.

Technical notes:
Length: 11Km about
Sstarting point: Arenzano – Port of Arenzano
Arrival: Varazze
District of the Riviera and the Beigua UNESCO Geopark
Difficulty: Facile
Elevation gain + 35m / - 37m
Note: rent a bike