Liguria of Arts, tribute to Giosuè Carducci


Teatro Ipotesi


Villa Figoli des Geneys


Jul 14 2023




ingresso libero

Liguria of Arts, tribute to Giosuè Carducci

Liguria of Arts, the show of beauty, with the artistic direction of Pino Petruzzelli, celebrates the treasures of our artistic heritage, mixing art, poetry and music.

The sixth edition will be in Arenzano in Villa Figoli, where Giosuè Carducci, guest of Count Figoli, used to spend his summers. He also dedicated a classical ode to Arenzano: “O tra i placidi olivi, tra i cedri e le palme sedente/bella Arenzano al riso de la ligure spiaggia…”

Important guests will present a complete picture of the poetics of Carducci in harmony with the elegance of the park of Villa Figoli.

Before the event you can visit the Hall of Tapestries, where Carducci spent his summer evenings with Count Figoli and his guests.