25^ Grand Prix Terralba - Trofeo Città di Arenzano


Jun 27 2024





25^ Grand Prix Terralba - Trofeo Città di Arenzano

It is now the flagship of Ligurian cycling: since 2008, the 2024 edition of Grand Prix Terralba - Trofeo Città di Arenzano has been staged on one of the most beautiful and engaging routes found in summer.
The level is high for this competitive cycling event on the circuit, reserved for members of ACSI, F.C.I. and sports promotion bodies, where more and more sportsmen and champions meet every year at the starting line, especially from Northern Italy. The atmosphere is evocative and spectacular, also thanks to the many enthusiasts who cheer and exalt with great warmth the participants in the race excellently organized by the GS Terralba of Arenzano with the collaboration of the Municipality of Arenzano and many volunteers.
Like every year, the event Fishing with a rod for children is organized and dedicated to primary and secondary school children.
Meeting and registration at 4.00 p.m. at la Scurpina