22 March 2021

Discovering the Mons. Dellacasa Gardens

To the east of Arenzano, right in front of the coast, there is a place where you can spend a few moments in total relaxation, out of time: the small public park of the Mons. Dellacasa Gardens.

Benches, trees and palm trees, and a pretty church frame this oasis by the sea, once occupied by the ancient shipyards of Arenzano.

The church of San Sebastiano was probably built around the fifteenth century to house the faithful, and the agents in charge of customs and health checks to protect the territory of Arenzano. The church, which became a cemetery chapel in the nineteenth century, was recovered around 1980. The arrangement of the area as a public park dates back to 2014, with the title of the garden to the beloved parish priest of Arenzano from 1956 to 1998. Inside the church there is the Christ of the Arenzano Shipyards.

Address: Via Montà, 3

Free entry