11 September 2021

"Arenzano in tour": art and entertainment in the historical center.

Saturday 25th september 2021, on the occasion of European Heritage Days, "Arenzano in tour" will take place: discover the historical and artistic heritage of Arenzano with guided tours and enjot the entertainment of the cultural associations! This year will be celebrated Dante Alighieri!

You can choose between two different urban trekking itineraries: one shorter and easier, the other longer, less easy, but richer of attractions.

It will be also an itinerary for children from 7 to 12: Arenzano in Tour Kids

Children will be guided to the discovery of the stories and legends of Arenzano.

Collateral events:

  • in "serretta" the association Kunst & Arte will organize the laboratory "maschere in libertà": children will be able to create Dante's world masks.
  • in Villa Mina, Unitre arenzano Cogoleto organize, saturday and sunday, a photo exibition "Sguardi": you can also see the beautiful wood model of Arenzano.

All the activities of Arenzano in Tour are free: green pass and reservation required. info, program and reservations on arenzanoturismo.it and at IAT-office 010 9127581/ 331 3614223.

For more info click here.