Passo della Gava - Rifugio Gilwell

Road Access

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards “Colletta”. Shortly before, turn right to “Terralba”, then take via Pecorara to “Curlo”, where you can park in a large car park. Continue on foot to the “Passo Gava”.


From the “Passo della Gava”, take the path that climbs to the left (two red points trail) in the direction of "Passo del Faiallo", up to an arrow (on the left) that directs you to the "Rifugio Saiardo / Gilwell", (890 m). It takes about 20 minutes. The Saiardo-Gilwell refuge is located at 890 m.on a trail that connects the Passo della Gava - Passo del Faiallo route and the Voltri - Monte Reixa route (red X trail).

Built in the second half of the 1800s as a farmhouse, it offered a base, even for long periods, for haymaking and grazing, the shelter is slightly larger than the others in the area: two floors and a small stable. The cottage was renovated by the Arenzano Scouts who, in memory of the English family of Robert Baden Powell, founder of Scouting, renamed it Gilwell. The shelter is always open, the upstairs room, accessible from the outside by a ramp, is paved with wood and can be used for sleeping; on the ground floor there is a table and a stove. Near the refuge, going up to the west, there is a spring

Passo della Gava - Rifugio Gilwell

Starting point:
Arenzano – Curlo area
Saiardo Refuge - Gilwell m. 890
2.30 h
5,6 km
Elevation gain:
580 m d+
way markers (two red points)
E - Escursionistico