Passo della Gava - Monte Tardia

Road Access

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards “Colletta”. Shortly before, turn right to “Terralba”, then take via Pecorara to “Curlo”, where you can park in a large car park. Continue on foot to the “Passo Gava”.


Arriving from Curlo at the “Passo della Gava” pass (752 m), choose the path that climbs to the right climbing the ridge (red X symbol - be careful, the left branch instead heads towards the summit of Reixa).

On the left at the bottom, you can see the village of Sambuco and, in 20 ', you reach the Tardie pass (860 m), a flat saddle that separates the Tardia di Levante and Tardia di Ponente peaks. It then turns right, with the three red triangular dots, rapidly ascending towards the summit of Tardia di Ponente, from which you can admire the port of Genoa, and the southern slopes of the Reixa and Argentea mountains. From here you can go as far as the Rocca dell'Erxo and the tiny shelter "Ai Belli Venti" (899 m) which, with a splendid view of the city and the port of Genoa, dominates the town of Arenzano from above.

From the refuge you can quickly descend to the Gavetta pass, another intersection with various walkways, and quickly reconnect to the Gava pass following the two red signs on the right.

Passo della Gava - Monte Tardia

Starting point:
Passo della Gava (m. 752)
Monte Tardia di Ponente (m. 928)
40 min
4,8 km
way markers red X sign up to Passo Tardie, then indication to the right “three red dots” (arranged in a triangle)
E - Escursionistico