Passo della Gava - Monte Reixa

Road Access

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards “Colletta”. Shortly before, turn right to “Terralba”, then after a farmacy take “via Pecorara” to “Curlo”, where you can park the car. Continue on foot to the “Passo Gava”.


From the Gava pass (752 m) choose the path to the north: the track initially cuts diagonally to the right, then goes up the steep grassy slopes with turns. After passing an ancient ruined house, you reach the ridge to the left of the rocky peak of Bric Saiardo (1093 m).

With a beautiful view of the whole chain up to Monte Argentea, continue slightly uphill, among sparse pine trees. Follow the crest between characteristic rocks, now in view of the final slope that leads to the summit cross. You reach the wide summit cap (1183 m, 1.20 h from Passo della Gava), where the cross of Mount Reixa stands: You can enjoy a 360° view with the entire Alpine arc, from Monviso to the Matterhorn and Mount Rosa, the spectacular panorama of Genoa and, beyond the crest of the Tardìe, the sea with Arenzano. If you are particularly lucky, you will also be able to see the the islands Gorgona and Corsica.


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Passo della Gava - Monte Reixa

Starting point:
Passo della Gava
Monte Reixa (1183 m)
1 h
2 km
way markers red X
EE - Escursionisti Esperti
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