Passo della Gava - Monte Argentea

Road Access

From the Arenzano motorway exit, turn right towards “Colletta”. Shortly before, turn right to “Terralba”, then take via Pecorara to “Curlo”, where you can park in a large car park. Continue on foot to the “Passo Gava”.


From the "Passo della Gava" follow, on the left, a track (three red points)that cuts halfway up, slightly uphill, the grassy spur of Bric Saiardo. Alternating short uphill sections with others almost flat, the path crosses the head of the Rio Leone valley in the woods: after about 20 minutes from the pass, the track joins the V trail, coming from the Gava Refuge. Following the path, now more marked, to the right you cut the head of the hollow, cross a little stream and, shortly after, you will meet the spring called "Fontana del Leone", which flows from a large boulder.
In a couple of hairpin bends you get up behind the water source, then continue in an uncovered stretch. At this point leave the V path. The track cuts uphill to the left and, in a very panoramic environment, leads to a large hill on which some dark rocks emerge, and from where the view opens on the whole valley of “Lerone” up to peaks of Argentea and Monte Rama.

Continuing on the crest, and climbing the last steep slopes, you reach the summit of Rocca Vaccaria (1164 m): just below the summit (however quickly reachable) you meet the wide AV path ("Alta Via dei Monti Liguri") coming from “Passo del Faiallo” (1.30 hours from Passo della Gava).

Follow the path to the left which, with a flat trail, follows the panoramic watershed crest. The path reaches a vast plateau, where there are pines curiously bent by the strong winter wind: going up a short slope you reach the new construction of the Argentea Refuge (about 1080m, 2.00h from Passo della Gava)

Passo della Gava - Monte Argentea

Starting point:
Passo della Gava 752 m
Monte Argentea 1082 m
2 h
4,314 km
way markers (three red circles)
EE - Escursionisti Esperti