Despite its strong connotation as a small seaside village, Arenzano is very close to Genoa.

"You will see a royal city, leaning against an alpine hill, Superb for men and for walls, whose only appearance indicates the lady of the sea", this is how the poet Petrarch called our regional capital.

For over eight centuries capital of the homonymous Republic, its story is linked to the seafaring, trade, industry and banking.
Its port is the largest of Italy and one of the most important in Europe.
Genoa is represented by The “Lanterna”, its historic lighthouse: the highest in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

A visit of the town offers an opportunity of interesting things to do and see.

Genoa gave birth to Mazzini and Mameli and to many Italian illustrious artists and personalities. Christopher Columbus lived here his childhood and early youth; it has one of the largest and most populated historic centres in Europe, a maze of alleys and squares, where noble palaces, historic shops, churches and trendy clubs are combined with different languages and cultures.

Strada Nuova with the Rolli Palaces is the residential district of the Genovese aristocracy, unique in the world for the architectural quality of its scenic atriums, gardens, monumental nymphaeum, frescoed halls. For its art collections, it has been recognized as a Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, with its black and white marble facade, houses the Sacred Basin, relic of the Last Supper, and the plate in which Herod laid the Baptist's head. It keep also numerous Gothic works and paintings made between the end of the thirteenth century and the beginning of the fourteenth one.

Piazza de Ferrari is the beating heart of Genoa, between Palazzo Ducale, which now hosts exhibitions and events, and the famous Carlo Felice Theatre.
Via XX Settembre, in front of the place under its elegant arcades, is the business and shopping street.

The Porto Antico, designed by architect Renzo Piano, is an entertainment and cultural location, with museums and play areas, cinemas, restaurants and clubs, as well as the largest Aquarium in Europe.


Distance from Arenzano:
30 km