Trekking for climate - is bird migration changing?


Guide Parco del Beigua - Coop. Dafne




Nov 20 2021


9:30 - 17:00


Area pic-nic Curlo

Trekking for climate - is bird migration changing?

Excursion to the Ornithological Center of Case Vaccà and to the observation deck, on the route of the migration of large birds of prey such as the Biancone, the Honey buzzard, the Lesser Eagle, the Marsh Harrier, the Black Kite, to discover, in the company of the ornithologist of the Park, how climate change can affect migration.

Duration of the initiative: full day with packed lunch

Difficulty: excursion suitable for everyone

Greenpass required

Compulsory online booking by Friday at 12 noon click here

For information: tel. 393.9896251 (Beigua Park Guides - Coop. Dafne)

Initiative funded under the Liguria Region - MATTM agreement for the construction of the Regional Strategy for Sustainable Development